HYDRONIC SYSTEMS: RADIANT FLOOR SYSTEMS: In a perfect home, you could go barefoot in warm comfort, even in the winter on any floor! The ultimate comfort on any floor - quiet, efficient, dust-free! A floor radiant heating system makes any home more comfortable, valuable, and energy efficient. Radiant floor heating ensures warmth throughout your floors, whether ceramic, laminate, carpet, stone, or hardwood in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or basement. Energy efficient, because when radiant heat is installed in your entire home, it replaces your forced air as a primary source of heating - therefore saving you 10-30% of energy costs. The radiant floor system dissipates heat where you need it, forced air systems' warm air raises to the ceiling. SNOW & ICE MELT SYSTEMS: Never Shovel Snow Again! Have RPM install a snow and ice melt system in your driveway and side walk and you will never have to shovel snow again. Extend the system into your garage floor and you can use this system as a primary source to heat your garage. Imagine what you can do with the time each morning that you would normally spend shoveling or warming up your car.... cup of coffee, breakfast with the kids, read the paper, sleep in! Who needs a heat lamp on your brick paver patio!?! Install a hydronic system under the bricks and enjoy the patio year round! Other advantages of Outdoor Hydronic Systems: · Safety - You will never have dangerous ice or snow in your walkway or driveway. Never worry about slipping on ice again! (Watch out for the neighbors' side walk!) · Convenience - You will never have to shovel your driveway or walkway again! Think of the time saved, not to mention that your back won't hurt! · Investment - Don't ever pay your plow guy again! Don't waste time shoveling! A hydronic system is an investment for your home. Adding a Snow & Ice Melt system to your home will increase your home's value tremendously if you ever consider to sell, you will get your investment plus! Hydronic Controls Hydronic (water distributed) heating systems increase the level of comfort and reliability. Outdoor reset controls and automatic snow and ice detectors create a seamless worry free hydronic system.